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Who we are?

SAMARA SALE CENTER WOODWORKING MACHINES Ltd. is one of the largest companies in Russia, working in the areas of industrial equipment, tool & material delivery, also can render a service for the following industrial production :

  • Sawmilling;
  • Woodworking;
  • Furniture production;
  • Glass & stone working;
  • Wood material production;
  • Tool production for woodworking.

Our aim is to help customers and investors, involving the modern technologies, the best equipment and modern management methods.

1. To return the means, spent for organization or modernization of production in short terms.
2. To issue the world's quality production for minimum cost.
3. To conquer not only the Russian but the world's market.

Delivery industrial equipment:

SCPS Ltd. is one of the companies makes the delivery in Russia (seldom in ÑIS), practically it concerns all kinds of machinery, included the unique equipment (special orders), which can easily find the application in above-mentioned productions.

Why we are?

The distinctive feature of SCPS is that the delivery of import equipment includes the compulsory delivery, installation, putting into operation, personnel training and our own warranty obligations, which come into force at the moment of signing the act of start up the equipment and more often these obligations exceed the manufacturers' warranty terms. 
The other characteristic feature of our company is the presence of modern machinery of the world's leading manufacturers at the warehouse. The equipment is ready for the demonstration and delivery to the customer at any time.
The total cost of equipment, located at the warehouse exceeds 1 million Euro.
The most important thing is not only the presence of skilled personnel of service group but also the quantity of spare parts for the machinery, selling by our company. In the case of absence them, the questions of express delivery are easily solved.

Tool delivery : 

SCPS Ltd. doesn't differ from its competitors practically except of :
  • We supply only the best tool of leading manufacturers.
  • We support the large stock of woodcutting tool for different use.
  • We have low prices.
  • We make grinding of sawblades due to super saw sharpening equipment, used to manufacturing sawblades (there is not analogy in Russia) for reduced prices.

Service : 
SCPS Ltd. can offer the following :

  • developing technologies;
  • calculation technological lines;
  • equipment selection for calculated technological lines;
  • developing detailed place location of equipment, schemes foundation, means mechanization and automation production, electrical canals, dust pipes and fans, planning pneumatic systems, inside-factory logics schemes, fire and safety alarm, personnel evacuation, etc. (it is made for calculated technological lines);
  • Production designing;
  • Preparations for investing projects - business plans, techno economical basis;
  • Installation, adjustment, start up, delivery and guarantee-period service and constant after-sale maintenance. The machinery is sold directly from the manufacturer or from the third person;
  • Tool sharpening (now only the sawblades), by means of super modern sharpening equipment.
  • Customer's personnel training based on the real storage facilities of our Showroom.

Material delivery :

SCPS Ltd. has enough spare -stocked edge material, glue for edge bander machines and woodworking centers, some kinds of furniture accessories.
In general, the biggest advantage of SCPS is the presence of friendly well-organized staff, consisting of responsible and trained specialists. They are jointed by one idea to turn our company into the best helper for all woodworkers and furniture manufacturers in Russia and CIS.
Due to the closed relations with manufacturers both in Russia and West Europe let us deliver the equipment for the lowest prices in Russia. 
The price for equipment includes the wide range of services (in case of import equipment):

  • All types of consultations, developing technologies, calculation technological lines and selection equipment. If you are going to organize production, our managers, technologists, designers and also engineers and programmers will be ready to offer production lines for "turn-key".
  • Free of charge equipment delivery is made by own transport of SCPS in the radius of 2000 km from Samara (should be the presence of the road and the cost of equipment is not less than 20 000 EUR).
  • Installation, start up equipment, set up software and personnel training are made by technicians of service group. Our servicemen guarantee the safety of equipment during the transportation and give the instructions to the customer how to unload the equipment.
  • Warranty obligations. Guarantee-period service equipment, delived by SCPS begins from putting into operation and exceeds the constant after- sale maintenance guarantee-period, fixed by manufacturer.
With whom we are?

SAMARA SALE CENTER WOODWORKING MACHINES Ltd. offers the collaboration to:
  • The firms, that produce the equipment, tool and other products for woodworking machinery, furniture factories and sawmilling directions.
  • Woodworking and furniture enterprises of Russia and CIS, that are interested in modernization of production and are open for introduction the modern technologies and develop the production lines.
  • Investors for organization the modern production in above mentioned areas.

Our partners are the world's leading woodworking companies, at first Europe, also Russia and CIS : among them HOMAG GROUP, ALTENDORF, MARTIN, JKF, VANICEK, POLZER, SCM GROUP, ME-SA, OMGA. 

You can see full information in section "Manufacturers".


Short name of the company: "SCPS" Ltd.
Legal address : Groznenskay Str.67 A 443030 Samara Russian Federation
Registration data : 11 April 2000 
The authorized capital : 7 000 000 rubles Russia (more than 200 000 EUR)
Form : private
Founder and director: Igor Khanin 
Personnel : 45 employees including 12 skilled technicians of the service group 

The company has : 

  • the cargo truck
  • its own modern showroom, squared 505 m2 , storehouse, where there are not less than 100 samples of equipment ready for the demonstration and delivery to Your enterprise.

Sale area : Russia (from Tver to the port Nakhodka, from Intui to Sochi), Kazachstan, Uzbekistan

Where we are ?

Showroom address: Groznenskay Str. 67A, 443004, Samara, Russian Federation  location 
E-mail: info@scps.ru

Equipment Department Tool Department Project Department
Tel: +7 (846) 247-93-93 (846) 269-81-95   (846) 336-42-87 
(846) 247-93-94 (846) 269-81-97 (846) 247-94-44
(846) 247-93-51 (846) 269-81-98
(846) 269-81-99 Service Center:               (846) 999-80-16
Fax: +7 (846) 241-56-43 Fax: (846) 999-80-15 Accountant Department(846) 247-94-45 

Branch address : Kaschenko Str. 6, 603141, N. Novgorod, Russian Federation, 
Email : scps-nn@mts-nn.ru
Tel./fax : +7 (831) 466-84-23, 466-84-41